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freeform art space | JUNE 2-4, 2017

Two Hills 2011, oil on panel, 24 x 24 in.

Two Hills 2011, oil on panel, 24 x 24 in.

WHEN | JUNE 2 -4, 2017
WHERE | freeform art space | 1619 Ce de Baca Lane | santa fe (map)

HOURS | SATURDAY | JUNE 3 | 1-5pm | SUNDAY | JUNE 4 | 1-4pm

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Maryellen Stewart, takes landscape painting and monotypes to an abstraction reminiscent of paintings such as Milton Avery who saw the sky, land, water, and wind, as organic blocks of color and shape that relate together in a reduced abstraction of strata or the elimination of most detail, distilled down to essentials, the relationship of sky to land, shadow to light, stillness to turbulence. 

In her painting Stewart uses colors of earth, water and air structured, using line and stripe as the means to see relationships of the elements, layered tight, so that the hazy atmosphere between transitions do not exist, both spatially and elementally.  Her paintings shift between more gestural usages of blocked out form or the stripe and strata in seeing the landscape in a certain essence. Her monotypes are softer reductions, more in the vein of Rothko, using the atmospheric softness of color field, rectangular forms floating on a stained background field.

freeform art space is a private salon-type exhibition space in santa fe, nm, on the other side of the tracks. 

Curating several artist shows per year staying away from the "tried and true" directions of contemporay art, willing to take a chance to move into uncharted art worlds. 
in addition, we also provide space for artists to have shows independently. 
Everyone is welcome.

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